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About Us


Samputu Forgiveness Campaign (SFC) was initiated by Jean Paul Samputu in order to promote forgiveness and healing, in Rwanda, and around the world. Our motto is "Forgiveness, a step to reconciliation and sustainable peace."

SFC's first major initiative was the Gathering of Forgiveness Campaign in Rwanda, February 2009. In commemoration of the 15th year of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and recognizing the UN's declaration of 2009 as the Year of Reconciliation, the Gathering demonstrated how the Rwandan experience can offer the world a renewed understanding of forgiveness as a step to unity, reconciliation and peace. We applaud the government of Rwanda's lead in this area by establishing a National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC).

Gathering of Forgiveness, Rwanda, 2009


Our Mission Statement

To promote and continue bringing healing to the populations affected by conflicts by creating a "Culture of Forgiveness;" to encourage youths and empower leaders

Our Objectives

Educate, Empower and Establish a "Culture of Forgiveness:"

  • Educate and raise awareness of the need for forgiveness as a step to reconciliation.
  • Promote a new understanding of forgiveness so that any future genocide can be avoided in Rwanda and else where in the world.
  • Provide a platform for Hope and Healing to wounded hearts.
  • Encourage dialogue that expresses each participant’s vision & hope for the future of our world.
  • Empower the youth and leaders to counter the "genocide ideology" still permeating in Rwanda, in the Great Lakes region, and in other countries.
  • Explore creative and constructive ways to deal with conflict in order to prevent any future genocide in the world.
  • Use forgiveness as a powerful tool to promote fusiness, socio-economic development and welfare of the population in Rwanda; replicate this experience in Great Lakes Region countries, and elsewhere around the world.


Ways we Seek to Promote Forgiveness

The primary ways that Jean Paul Samputu presently shares his vision of forgiveness are through events such as the Gathering of Forgiveness, speaking engagements, workshops, through his own music, and the music of the children's group he founded, Mizero Children of Rwanda.

We also intend to expand this website into an increasingly interactive resource for change, providing materials, tools and support to other  global agents of change.

We welcome your inquiries about ways that Samputu Forgiveness Campaign can work with your community or organization to share the message of forgiveness more widely.