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How You Can Help

Our goal is to grow Samputu Forgiveness Campaign into a movement that makes a strong impact around the world. We welcome inquiries, ideas and partnerships that will enable us to work more effectively.

Our present goals are to:

  • Establish a head office in Kigali, as the capital city of Rwanda.
  • Establish a Center for Forgiveness in Rwanda to provide resource material and programs to promote forgiveness as a process of healing and reconciliation.
  • Develop a permanent system of exchange to organize, collect and disseminate information focused on Forgiveness: a Step to Reconciliation, in order to provide hope and healing on various levels — personal, relational, community and world.
  • Establish the Gathering of Forgiveness as a yearly event in Rwanda.
  • Establish Gatherings of Forgiveness in other countries.

We welcome your support of these goals through financial support, gifts in kind (such as premises or equipment), joint partnerships, or knowledge sharing about forgiveness and peacebuilding.