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Musical Tribute by Jean Paul Samputu and Mizero

Saturday, Feb. 14th, we attended a children's concert hosted by Jean Paul Samputu - Rwanda's most famous musician. He is a living example to Rwanda of the power of forgiveness.

Here is Jean Paul, on the left, standing next to Vincent and Vincent's wife. Jean Paul was in Canada during the Genocide, and suffered a ten year hiatus after that from the world he loved. He later had a "vision of forgiveness" on a sacred mountain in Uganda, and he sought out the man who had murdered his mother - Vincent. He reconciled with Vincent, who was in prison, and forgave Vincent, allowing him to share the stage with him at one of the conferences opening events. His is a remarkable story of overcoming hatred and despair, and learning to forgive - clearing the way for a new life, beyond the rage that binds people to an immutable past.

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Friday, February 20, 2009